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LINE Lite for Android apk Download Free

Click to Download Free  LINE Lite (2.16.0 for Android)

  1. Free messages and other features:The Light version retains the essential classic features of LINE, allowing you to send messages and photos to and from your friends using LINE and LINE Lite! 
  2. Login with your existing LINE account:
    Set up an email account to switch between LINE and LINE Lite.
  3. Adding friends is easy:
    Enter your friend’s ID to search for them, and you can easily add them. You can also automatically add your contacts from your device’s address book to your friends list.
  4. Free voice and video calls:
    Select the friend you want to contact, or click the “+” button at the bottom right of the home screen to make a free call.

Click to Download Free LINE Lite (2.16.0 for Android)

Supported devices: Android
Supported languages: Arabic, English, French, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese
Supported Regions: Algeria, Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Vietnam.
Service starts: July 23, 2015

*Download the standard version of LINE here:
*You may be charged when you turn on mobile data transfer. It is recommended that you join an Internet access plan or use a Wi-Fi connection.

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LINE Lite (2.16.0 for Android)

LINE Lite is a lightweight version of LINE, with the advantage of not taking up space and simplifying the original LINE functions, unlike LINE which takes up so much memory space on the phone. This is a bit like the iPad version of LINE, but this feature is currently only available on Android phones.

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