How to apply Amazon Prime Free 30 day

Each account has a chance to enjoy the 30-day free trial for new Prime members, once enabled even if you cancel your Prime membership, you will still run out of the 30-day free trial. This way, I was able to bring home all of the treasures that I had recently put in my shopping cart on Amazon Prime Day, but only if they were relatively cheap.

Join Amazon Membership

Click on the website, Go to the Amazon website to join first. 

Amazon Prime 30日免費試用

Accounts & Lists

Click Account & List in the upper right corner.

Amazon Prime 30日免費試用

Apply for Prime Membership

Click Prime on the top right to view the offers and payment settings.

Amazon Prime 30日免費試用

Enable free 30-day trial

Click on the yellow block in the bottom left corner that says “Start your free 30-day trial”.

Amazon Prime 30日免費試用

30-Day Prime Exclusive Benefit

There are four exclusive benefits that come with being a full Prime member.

  • Exclusive pricing for Prime members only
  • Unlimited free shipping
  • Unlimited Video Streaming
  • Unlimited music streaming

Amazon Prime 30日免費試用

Amazon Prime 30日免費試用



Amazon Prime 30日免費試用

Amazon App Download


iOS Click to download Apple App Store       

Android Click to download Google Play 


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